Red coat (muslin)

I absolutely cannot resist a good red coat.  It all started when I found this bright tomato red coat at a thrift store when I was in high school.  The fit was impeccable (besides the too short sleeves) and I always got so many compliments on it!  It was made by a vintage brand called Nicolette and it was just my absolute favourite coat.  It was very heavy, with 100% wool and a deep red silk lining.  It seemed like a luxury coat for a little girl.  It’s currently in a pretty shabby state, but I held onto it in the hope that I could one day recreate it with the finest wool and silk I could find.  Well, I’m not at the point where I can start making coats from other coats I have, so I thought I’d give a really simple pattern a try.  I also didn’t know how this one would turn out so I gave it a try in a red felt and some leftover lining I had.  I think it turned out okay (and wished I made it in the real thing) but I think I’ll wait to put the effort into making what I really want–a recreation of my magical red coat!

Pattern: Simplicity 1197


  • Red felt
  • Red polyester thread
  • Interfacing
  • Leftover acetate lining


  • Took 6″ off the length
  • Moved the welt pockets up 2″ since I am short waisted
  • Took off 1/2″ off the center back and center front seams (though I don’t think this was all that necessary)

What I Found Helpful:

  • You’ll want to check out a video on making welt pockets since I found the instructions a bit confusing.  I used this one:
  • I made my own custom buttons using this tutorial

Mini Sewing Victory:

  • First coat (forget that it’s a muslin — I sometimes wear this at night to walk my pup!)
  • Buttonhole practice!
  • Button practice!
  • Welt pockets!

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