Flowy parachute shirt

I wanted to make something really simple after making that coat so why not try this parachute type of shirt?  I don’t think I’ll be making this again since I’m not really a fan of how the shirt dips lower than the front and there were just so many pieces.  I bet it would look a lot better if I colour blocked it…  I just found there was an unnecessary amount of seam matching… the front part is actually four parts.  I’m happy with the seam matching but man–I could’ve done it with just one single front bodice piece and single front back piece and it would look just the same!  I also am not really a fan of the bias binding finishing around the neckline but that’s ok–I had to use up some of it anyway.  Not a bad blouse!

Pattern: Simplicity 1107 (View B)


  • Light pink thread
  • Bias binding
  • 2 yards of floral fabric


  • Took 2″ off the length of the back bodice, sides and bottom front piece
  • Adjusted the shoulder seam so that it is forward by 3/8″ but it didn’t seem to be enough (hmmm)
  • Adjusted for sloping shoulders by 1/4″

What I Found Helpful:

  • Lining up seams is a bit of a pain but if you butt up the seams together, then poke a pin so the pin pokes through one seam and comes out through the other seam, you’ll know they line up (most of the time).  Take your time — there is a lot of seam matching. 😉

Mini Sewing Victory:

  • Lining up seams!

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