That 70’s shirt

I decided to make a 70’s-esque shirt in this extremely bright expressive fabric.  I really wanted to give bell sleeves a try.  I wore this shirt to work the other day and got a few compliments.  Yay 🙂

Pattern: Simplicity


  • Floral rayon fabric
  • Pink thread (finished a spool towards the end of the project which was very satisfying)


  • High waist adjustment (2″ off the bodice)

What I Found Helpful:

  • Used a pin to graze over the gathers to even them out
  • Used a rolled hem foot for hemming your lightweight fabric

Mini Sewing Victory:

  • I got some compliments on this shirt!
  • Bell sleeves for the first time


I made this shirt while listening to the Black Panther soundtrack.  I’m in love!  I loved the plot, the characters, the imagery and most importantly–the gorgeous costumes!  I am also blown away by the production of this music video for the ending credits song Kendrick Lamar, Sza – All the Stars. The whole video is pure gold.  From the beginning scene with the sea of hands to the cool camera angles of Sza dancing amidst those scattered stars to Kendrick Lamar walking in a pack of black panthers through a forest to the scene with the gold outfits and gold decals suspended in the air and to that last regal scene with those four fierce queens.  LOVE!

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