Summer-y Jumpsuit

I had this floral fabric sitting around forever, so I decided not to buy more fabric and instead–use what I have!  Annnd, I decided to make a fun jumpsuit!

Pattern: New Look 6373 View A/B (B for the straps, A for everything else)


  • Floral polyester fabric


  • General: I cut out a size 8 bust and a size 12 waist/hip.  I am what you call pear-shaped. 🙂
  • Bust/Shoulders: The smallest bust size is 31.5 inches, which is 2 inches too big for me.  It really is a bummer when I need to do a small bust adjustment because the smallest size doesn’t fit me.  However, since this isn’t a fully fitted garment, I decided to play with things a bit…  since I normally have to adjust the shoulders (as I have narrow shoulders), I took off 1/2″ off the center and back seams.  I have no idea if this will work, but I’m willing to give it a try, especially on this leftover fabric.  This means I had to take 1/2″ off the front/back bodice pieces, flounce pieces and facing pieces.
  • Bodice length: As per usual, I took off 2″ off the length of the bodice.  Thankfully the pattern indicated where to adjust the length.  Since the pattern called for a 16.25 inch back and my measurement sits at around 14 inches, I just took off 2 inches.
  • Pant length: I’m not confident about my leg measurements, so I’ve decided to simply cut out the pattern without modifications and then later hem to the appropriate length.

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