Strapless dress with rosettes

I don’t know what prompted me to pick up this rosette fabric? I just saw it and I think I was so inspired by the lavender in France, that I was just like–I must make a gown!  It could also be all these Marchesa fashion shows I’ve been watching.  I also started watching some couture techniques on Craftsy Unlimited so I decided to add a waist stay made out of Petersham ribbon (better than Grosgrain ribbon for especially heavy skirts) and I couldn’t be more pleased with how secure I feel in this strapless dress.  This is coming from a person who doesn’t have an ample bosom and is constantly adjusting her strapless bodice…  I will be making waist stays for alll of my floor length dresses from now on!  I was going to wait a little while to buy some Petersham ribbon online, but I miraculously found some at my local fabric store for 40 cents / yard!  Niice!  I unfortunately could only find chocolate brown, so that’s exactly what I used…  good thing you can’t see it beneath the lining. 🙂 .

Pattern: Draft of my own strapless bodice / Vogue V9053 (waistband and skirt)


  • Chiffon rosette fabric
  • Taffeta
  • Acetate lining
  • Seams Great
  • Petersham Ribbon
  • Sew-in bra cups


  • Tons

What I Found Helpful:

  • Make sure to end the stitching of the waist stay to the last seam closest to the center back seam.  It will look really bad if you don’t (speaking from experience).
  • Sewed twill tape along the top of the strapless bodice to make sure it rests against my skin

Mini Sewing Victory:

  • Waist stay!

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