Peplum Blouse

In keeping true to my goal of using up all of my fabric before I buy more fabric, I decided to make use of that leftover charmeuse I purchased for my blue dress.  I made view D.  I thought this would be a good introduction into the world of sleeves (I’m still setting in a sleeve but I’m not setting in a fitted sleeve)!

Pattern: Simplicity 8417 View D


  • White polyester sanded charmeuse
  • White Gutermann polyester thread
  • Microtex needle size 70


  • Fit: Since I am short waisted, as per usual on most Simplicity patterns, I took off 2″ the length of the bodice pieces.  I also cut out a size 6 up top to account for my small bust, and a size 12 for my wide waist and hips.


  • Gathering: I had a little bit of trouble getting the gathering to look even.  I’ve read many tips like how you can use an anchor pin on one end (tying up the thread in a figure 8) then gather with the other end, or simply doing one long continuous basting stitch for both rows of basting, but I still haven’t figured out what works best for me.

What I Found Helpful:

  • Staystitch all the curves on the bodice pieces before you sew.  I think the pattern suggests staystitching just the neckline, but I also like to staystitch the armscye.  It might not be necessary but I always worry it’ll stretch!  Also remember that the staystitching should have a seam allowance of 1/4″ around the neckline and about 1/2″ seam allowance everywhere else.

Mini Sewing Victory:

I sewed one of the armscyes without ripping out a seam!  I also used very few pins (I think 2) for the armscye.

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