Luggage Tags


Pattern: Simplicity 2274


  • Floral fabric (cotton 97%/spandex 3% floral fabric from my local fabric store)
  • Peltex interfacing
  • Heat n Bond
  • Clear Vinyl
  • Large Eyelet Kit
  • White cotton thread




  • Sewing through three layers of extra firm Peltex interfacing was really rough for my poor beginner machine.  It really makes me wonder if I should just go ahead and upgrade (oh, but I do love my very simple machine).  I made sure to go very slowly.
  • I ended up lengthening my stitch to 3.5 mm when I topstitched.  I found that because the length was longer, I would sometimes overextend my stitch past the corner when I pivoted my fabric, I made sure to shorten my stitch at those corners to place the needle at the right spot, pivot the fabric and then resume at the normal 3.5mm stitch.
  • I had trouble cutting out a perfect rectangle in one of the luggage tags.  It’s pretty obvious in one of the pics and bothers me a little bit, but oh well!  I’ll do it right next time!
  • I also had trouble cutting out a circle for the large eyelet without an xacto knife.  It wasn’t very pretty but thankfully you don’t see that in the end result!

Mini Sewing Victory:

  • I used Peltex interfacing for the first time!
  • I also somehow managed to get ok stitching while sewing through two layers of Peltex interfacing.  My machine is a total beginner machine so it’s a wonder it even worked.

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